30 sqm Penthouse

Survey report & Interior design - Project management

This small and amazing penthouse is about 30sqm with two terraces of 30sqm each them, one at the front of the penthouse and a second at the back. As a property and construction project manager and interior design adviser, I took the style of this penthouse through a very minimalist way. As a home interior designer I decided to use very natural materials creating a raw atmosphere, fresh, chic & simple. Also as a construction project manager I worked with a fantastic building team which did very well interpret each of the different phases of the design and construction project. Natural materials such a concrete, wood, and micro cement take place in this beautiful interior design.

Wide entrance with a lounge and kitchen in one side, and a bedroom and big wardrobe at the other one. There is also a small but sufficient bathroom which faces the bed area.

The penthouse is all soundproof and thermal insulated all around, so it keeps very well the temperature inside. A small fireplace took place in a small corner, using a black vintage chimney surrounded of an exposed brick walls, creating a very warm and relax atmosphere.

As an interior designer and project manager I also took the services of a landscape-gardener Architect in order to create the two different gardens on the different terraces. Each of the garden has been designed according local plants and some other exotic ones similar to ours, creating as a result a splendid and wild English style garden, giving the sensation of freedom and freshness in hot seasons. As a construction project manager and building cost surveyor the budget control of the reform was meticulously analysed, transforming a tight final budget into a fantastic simple and modern interior design.

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