Beach Apartment Renovation

House Renovation and Architect Project Management

This small and amazing apartment is about 60 sqm facing the sea. The style of this house renovation is very simple. It contains light materials, creating a holiday atmosphere, fresh & simple.

Secondly the apartment comprises a standard entrance, with a short hallway and a big kitchen in one side, also a big double bedroom and guest bedroom connected with hallway.

To conclude the hallway runs until the lounge, and seafront, where great views are waiting.

Furthermore a big bathroom with smooth surfaces was designed, in order to give a wide space feeling. Natural and light materials were used such a light colored cements, finally giving a touch of simplicity at the unit.

Last of all, the house renovation keeps the entire apartment with a good soundproof and thermal insulation, as its particular location.


Renovation Project Guaranteed by the Building Engineers Association (CAATV).


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