House Renovation at Olivereta Neighborhood in Valencia

House Renovation, Architect Project Management

As a property and house renovation project manager and interior design adviser, I had the pleasure to work with the owner of this 50’s apartment, giving some advice on how the interior design should be done in order to create a bright and warm space. Natural materials have been discovered, such an exposed brick walls, and concrete structures units such a pillars throughout the apartment. Many of the walls of this apartment have been demolished in order to create wider spaces, basically in the kitchen area and lounge-rest area. Both spaces are divided with a hallway where the main bedrooms stay.

Original paints have been also discovered in walls around the kitchen area, creating a painted-wall-mosaic that has been hidden during more than 40 years. This has given an original colour-touch in the kitchen area. The orientation of the apartment gives a high level of light and ventilation all over. Light oak wood floors also give a warm atmosphere all over the almost 100sqm surface. The building procedure has consisted of demolishing partially the original apartment. My goal as an architect interior designer and house renovation manager has been to control the smooth combination in between keeping some old parts of the apartment with coexisting with the new structures added, also by discovering many old treasures which were hidden by the pass of the time.


Renovation Project Guaranteed by the Building Engineers Association (CAATV).

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