Xuquer Sq Loft Renovation

House Renovation & Architect Project Management

150 m built and designed as a loft in the centre of Valencia. One of my goals as a designer and house renovation manager of this project was to give a wide and bright space using natural materials such a woods, stones and light colours. The main floor surface is coated of a warm and high quality natural oak wood. All the walls built initially has been demolished entirely in order to create a new simple layout which makes easy the daily living, due to the needs of the owners. Big and open high quality American kitchen stays in the centre of the lounge design. Its exotic marble and the way it has been finished definitely highlights its presence. Lighting is having also an accurate study of the project, using a first quality brand, which also gives a last touch up at the entire flat unit.

There are also a couple of bathrooms in the flat, one is given as a service bathroom and a second one as an ensuite one. Both of the units are made with a top quality material, also lights have been specially designed (including mirror lights). Even the remote control of the en-suite bathroom is done from the bedroom nightstands for a more comfortable management.

As an architecture and interior designer, I decided to create a big bedroom staying at the end of the loft, close to the back facade. Its design is wide and bright lighted according the owners needs and easy to access through a small library-hallway designed upon request according the owners needs. One of its walls is designed with a natural slate stone that accentuates the different objects and paintings that hang from there.

Also and as a construction surveyor and house renovation manager I did add a nice library-office in the centre of the flat unit, connecting both sides of the flat. This library has been designed with a top white woods, giving a wide and comfortable space to stock all kind of books and different elements.

All kind of little details such a steam chimney, central sound and elegant and discreet security systems, central air conditioning units…remarks the architectural design project of this fantastic flat in one of the most comfortable neighbourhoods of Valencia


Renovation Project Guaranteed by the Building Engineers Association (CAATV).

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