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“One of the first steps to take before any purchase  is to learn in advance about the current condition of your future Home.”


We know that buying a property in another country can be a difficult decision…and one that you should approach with calm and caution. The first step is finding the right people to manage the different stages of renovation. These stages include such things as an unbiased house inspection, the property acquisition process and the management of a safe, cost-effective renovation. Equally as important should be adherence to the regulations in force in the place where you want to invest.

These are some of the reasons why I decided to create “Valencia Surveyor Studio”. I bring over 20 years of Technical and Administrative experience in construction and property investment to buyers seeking to find their dream  house or apartment. I have been able to assist many foreign investors, with their investments in Spain with our studio’s fair and transparent services. WE ARE NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTS

One of the first steps after finding  a house or apartment to buy is to request a Property and Building Survey Report made by a Surveyor ( =Technical Architects & Building Engineers). A survey highlights specific weak areas of the property and building(s) with special attention to the  structure: Property Surveys can be an important friend to  help you avoid big mistakes before a purchase.

You should request a Building Survey or Technical Inspection when you consider it necessary, which will probably be the majority of the time. You should make this request, before signing any deposit contract or document related with the property sale or simply when you need to acquire a certain Official Technical Certificate or Survey Report Endorsed by the Official College for an Official Local Entity or at a National Level. inspection reports may also be needed when an Insurance Company considers insuring the property.

Bear in mind that here in Spain, in almost 100% of the cases the following will require Technical Survey Reports Endorsed by an Official Institution: Government Entities, Inhabitation Licensing authorities, House Surface Certifications, Notary  documents, Lawyers, Official Institutes, Insurance Companies, Land Registry, Title Deeds,

Sometimes you can also be requested to order a House Technical Inspection accompanied by an Official Certificate endorsed by a Local Official Surveyor, for some other kind of Official Survey Reports related to your House Purchase.


The law in Spain is very simple & clear: Only qualified Technicians and members of the Official Technical Colleges, will be able to endorse Official or Government Survey Reports for City Councils or other Authorities.


20 years of experience

We are not intermediaries. When you contact Valencia Surveyor Studio, you are in direct contact with Technical Experts in the construction and Project Management fields.


We are a Technical Architecture and Engineering Studio with more than 20 years of experience in the Construction Project Management and Property Acquisition Administration fields. As Technical Architects and Building Engineers we act in the following roles: Builders, Property and Structural Surveyors, Project Managers and Appraisal Surveyors. We manage the financials, Quality Control, , Health and Safety Coordination, Technical Inspections, material purchasing  manufacturing, sustainability and energy efficiency assessment, Building Rehabilitation, and adaptation of commercial premises. In addition, we will find qualified experts to address issues outside our core competencies.

You will be able to find more information about our Services on our web site. To summarize  below is a summary of the expertise we bring to the tasks that will make buying and/or renovation of your property a safe investment in Spain, before and after your Home Purchase.

  1. Technical inspections related to Architecture: A technical inspection is used to verify compliance with technical specifications. The inspection can be carried out visually or specific instrumentation may be necessary to determine if the entire structure or part of the house/building complies with the corresponding technical specifications according to the architectural standards of Spanish legislation.
  2. Property/Building Survey Reports.
  3. Homebuyer Surveys (also known as a Pre-Purchase Survey).
  4. Verbal Survey Reports(Online reports): These surveys are not accompanied by a written part. This is a visual inspection made by us with the future buyer and discussion of the building/house issues found during the inspection. This survey can also be completed with an online conversation. This type of survey report is relatively cheaper than the first one, as the written part is not included.
  5. “Rustic” Land Inspections:If you are buying land or a property in the country, such as a farmhouse or similar, it is essential to determine if it is placed in an area where urbanization is allowed (in this case it is called a “finca urbana”, or “suelo urbano” ) or where urbanization and residential developments are not allowed (“finca rústica” or “suelo rústico”). In both cases there are exceptions that we must know before any purchase.
  6. Commercial Properties Inspections.

Due to our experience, the Studio can also assist you in the different phases of Project Management and Interior Design including but not limited to the following:

  1. Design process and detailed plan drawings: 
    • Preparing detailed drawings and final design plans
    • Showing actual sizes and shapes for rooms and other spaces.
    • Outlining construction specifications and  listing the major materials to be used.
    • Upon approval of the design drawings, our Studio will work with you to find contractors to give you cost estimates.
  2. House Renovation Project Management
  3. House Renovation Council License Control 
  4. Construction documents: One of the most important elements of Our Studio’s services is construction documents. Our Studio will develop detailed drawings and material specifications. The contractor will use both to estimate construction costs and to build the project.
  5. Budgeting and cost analysis.
  6. Hiring a contractor: You have multiple options when it comes to hiring a contractor, including asking Our Studio to make recommendations or choosing a contractor on your own. Our Studio can assist you in selecting contractors by reviewing bids and estimates based on the construction documents.
  7. Building Renovation process control:
    • Scheduling and controlling the different phases of the construction project from design to completion.
    • Keeping you informed of new issues that come up and giving you the best solution for each scenario during the entire process.
  8. Licenses and Project monitoring for commercial activities


Valencia Surveyor
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Jonathan L
Jonathan L
09:08 16 Feb 21
David went to an apartment 3 times at very short notice to discuss the various issues that were... coming up, and actually went so far as to go to a "showdown" meeting with lawyers and the vendors of the flat where he managed to agree a constructive solution to the issues with them. I would thoroughly recommend David's more
Anthony Wolseley-Wilmsen
Anthony Wolseley-Wilmsen
22:16 15 Feb 21
David proved to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. His services saved us from what... would have been a horrendous financial mistake buying a property which was represented to be great but which David revealed to be nothing but lies. Thank you David for giving us an excellent service and for charging reasonable affordable more
Alexander Tarantino
Alexander Tarantino
12:13 04 Feb 21
My wife and I had a wonderful experience relying on David's expertise as we were considering a... property purchase in Valencia. After going through the survey process with David, we recognized how it is an absolute MUST to commission a survey prior to purchasing any property. David was incredibly professional, technical, detail orientated and consultative in his approach to performing the survey. We had a detailed debrief with him after the inspection, where he was able to guide us on the important points to consider, and also give us confidence in our approach, especially as we live in England, without the ability to travel due to the Covid restrictions. Highly more
Elvis Plastic Chapel
Elvis Plastic Chapel
17:07 03 Feb 21
You would be very wise to engage David's services. Excellent! We did a full gut renovation and his... help was more
Simon Lee
Simon Lee
03:06 09 Nov 20
David is very professional and provided us with tremendous and very useful advices in properties... inspections. He is also willing to help us on a very tight timeline for both the on-site property inspection as well as completing detailed inspection reports. In addition, he is also fluent in english and can communicate very well with us. All these are very big positives for foreign buyers like us!read more
Ben Fox
Ben Fox
09:03 08 Nov 20
David is amazing and I highly recommend his services! When we found an apartment we loved in... Valencia he surveyed it and helped us ensure it was in good condition. He communicated wonderfully and was very patient answering all my questions.After we closed the purchase David oversaw fixing the apartment up and handled everything while we were 4,000+ miles away. Fantastic communication and attention to detail. Everytime we hit a bump he was there to handle it and make sure everything kept moving.About 6 months later we decided to redo the entire kitchen and he oversaw everything again. It took about 6 weeks and he oversaw everything and did an amazing job. He has an amazing eye for design. I attached a few pictures to show the more
Sasquatch *
Sasquatch *
21:44 30 Oct 20
We used David's services with a home inspection in Torres Torres Valencia. As an Architect and... Engineer Surveyor he gave us a piece of mind that the property was both sound in construction and legal. David provide a detailed report on all the aspects we had concerns on , included were photos , remedies and post inspection details. As foreign buyers we needed that piece of mind that comes with David's work. David speaks excellent English and is a very good more
Matt Robson
Matt Robson
20:02 12 Oct 20
David is very responsive and efficient and is knowledgable about building regulations. He was able... to survey the property independently, and give us a very detailed report, together with some useful advice. This gave us the confidence to go ahead with the purchase. David also gave us a number of future recommendations to improve the quality of the building. His English is excellent and we would highly recommend his more
11:48 12 Oct 20
I phoned David from the UK and he helped me instantly. He surveyed our house thoroughly and gave us... written facts and an honest opinion.David knew we had to hurry to get the survey and managed to find an appointment in his diary. I would highly recommend more
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Please make sure your future Home is out of any future potential risk.


One of our main and best services are Property & Building Survey Reports, which evaluates the different pathologies, and different construction problems found in a house and its structure, before the purchase. Therefore, this reports, allows you to know which problems has got your future investment, and also, which are their solutions. To conclude, unbiased Survey Reports, are the perfect weapon for future safe investors and also will help to negotiate the future price of your property in order to get a fair and worth value. 

When should I request a Property Survey?

You can request a Survey or Technical Inspection when you consider it necessary. Either at the time of buying a house (always before signing any deposit contract or document related with the property sale), or simply when you need to acquire a Technical Certificate or Survey Report Endorsed by the Official College for any official entity at a National Level,  or perhaps an Insurance Company that requests it ?

On the other hand bear in mind that here in Spain, in almost 100% of the cases and for Government Entities, Notaries, Lawyers, Official Institutes, Insurance Companies, Land Registry, Title Deeds…etc, your house will be requested with Official Technical Survey Reports, Technical Inspections, Official Energy Efficiency Certificates or some other kind of Survey Reports related with your house purchase.

The law in Spain is very simple & clear: Only Technicians qualified and members of the Official Technical Colleges, will be able to solve those Official or Government Survey needs, that the City Council or other Main Organizations are requiring from your future home.

What is a Property Survey Report?

Property and Building Survey Reports, are considered previous inspection of the property, made by Surveyors (=Technical Architects & Building Engineers). They serve to highlight specific weak areas of the property, building and its structure. Includes all the features of a Condition Report, plus defects that might affect the property, and advice on repairs and maintenance, also including any risks, potential legal issues and urgent defects.

It is an in-depth unbiased, and transparent opinion, of how the property is preserved, in order to protect the future investment interest of the buyer. To sum up, Property and Building Survey Reports, generally summarizes the condition of the property.

Undoubtedly, it also details the structural soundness of the property, by generally detecting hidden defects, that the buyer is obliged to remedy.

Why is it important to order a Survey?

Our building and property survey reports go beyond a description of the condition of the building. Our combined expertise means that we also include thorough structural and technical assessments of your property. Knowing what you are buying can even save you money. Your report can be used to negotiate the price of the property and will help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase

A building survey, which used to be known as a structural survey, is a comprehensive inspection of all accessible elements of your property. The report also provides a detailed evaluation of the condition of your property and will suggest which parts of the property might be a problem. In addition, the report will point out areas of concern that could need further investigation. Property Surveys does not economically value the house. 

Do I really need a House Survey in Spain?

No a property survey is optional. But they can help you avoid expensive and unwanted surprises, like an unexpected rewiring job, as well as giving you peace of mind by telling you that those hairline cracks don’t mean the house is falling down, or just checking that a rustic property is 100% legal and you will be able to renew it afterwards without any Council License problems.

Given the hundreds of thousands of euros it costs to buy a property, a few hundred euros on a survey to have the reassurance of an independent, expert surveyor looking over it feels like a good investment.

When you’re already spending a lot of money on buying a house or flat, a survey can feel like an unnecessary expense. But it’s far better to be aware of any problems before you buy a property, so you can make an informed decision about how much you’re willing to pay for it and, if necessary, budget for any repair work that needs doing.

You may also be able to use the information in the survey to negotiate with the seller. For example, if your survey finds that you’ll need to carry out repairs costing 10.000€ you could ask for a 10.000€ reduction on the property price, or ask the seller to make the necessary repairs before you exchange contracts.

House surveys vs mortgage valuations

When you apply for a mortgage, the mortgage lender will carry out a valuation on the property to make sure it’s worth roughly what you’re planning to pay for it. This mortgage valuation is sometimes called a valuation ‘survey’, but this can be misleading.

A mortgage valuation is nowhere near comprehensive enough to take the place of a proper house survey. In fact, it sometimes won’t even involve anyone visiting the property in person. So you should always arrange your own independent survey after you’ve had an offer accepted, to make sure you’re not overpaying for your new home or about to buy a property with significant problems.

A Building / Property Survey will cover basically the following issues:

Internally: Dampness and condensation, ceilings, walls and floors, chimney and joinery, chimney fissures and cracks, windows, insulation, asbestos, electricity and water connections, water and electricity supplies meters, woods, termites, and other particular issues.

Externally: Full inspection of the roof, chimneys, gutters, main walls, windows and doors, drainage and boundaries. Facades.

Other: Garages, BBQ, wells, septic tanks, conservatories, tenure, services, building community issues, land legality, rustic lands…

Surveys are suitable for all properties, but particularly appropriate for:

This kind of Surveys are suitable for Standard properties and relatively new homes in good condition, properties in reasonable condition and for larger or older (50+ years) properties, unusual homes, renovation projects and properties in poor condition.

Old Properties – recommended for properties over 50 years old

Buildings constructed in an unusual way, regardless of age

Buildings that you intend to renovate or change in a future

Buildings that have already been renovated or significantly altered

Properties you are thinking of renovating



Techical Architect & Building Engineer

Official Member Number: 4056

Wellcome, my name is David Esteve and I am a Technical Architect & Building Engineer in Spain. I finished a Technical University Degree endorsed by the Universidad Politécnica de València and completed my Studies with a Final Project Degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg.

In Spain, Polytechnic University of València, is the Most Prestigious and Professional Institution, that promotes and enforces the highest national standards in the valuation, technical management and development of Building Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure fields.

Our Technical University was recently declared the best Spanish Technical University according of the World University Rankings

In Spain, Building & Property Surveyors Knowledge are one of the areas among many others  given by the Spanish Technical Architects & Building Engineer University Degrees at the Universidad Politécnica, which are deeply connected with the Spanish construction way, and strongly protected by the Government through the General Council of Technical Architects & Building Engineers, giving us a high quality label of Technical knowledge practiced in Spain.

Here in our country, in almost 100% of the cases and for Government Entities, Notaries, Lawyers, Official Institutes, Insurance Companies, Land Registry, Title Deeds…etc, your house will be requested with Official Technical Survey Reports, Technical Inspections, Official Energy Efficiency Certificates or some other kind of Survey Reports related with your house purchase.

On the other hand you can also decide to have a private Inspection, for your own safety, by ordering a Property & Building Survey Report of your future Home, which evaluates the different pathologies, and different construction problems found in your future house, before the purchase is done.

The law in Spain is very simple & clear: Only Qualified Technicians  members of the Official Technical Colleges, will be able to assist you and solve those needs, that the City Council or other Main Government Organizations are requiring from you and your future home.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to create “Valencia Surveyor Studio”, bringing over 20 years of my Technical experience in the construction field, and able to assist many foreign investors, guaranteeing their investments and expectations in Spain with our fare and transparent services. People from UK, United States, France, Germany & Sweden, are some of our clients.


Would you like to make a House into your Home?

Since my beginnings as a Property Surveyor, there have been many Surveys Reports that I have carried out. During all this time, the truth is, that many of my clients asked me to help them by repairing and fixing all the damages that their house needed, before they moved in, and some homebuyers went forward by asking me to manage their House Renovation process. So this is why, I really considered a good idea by expanding my services and offering a House Renovation Project Management Service, when my clients really need them.

This is why “Valencia Surveyor” also offers as a Studio, the possibility of hiring a qualified and transparent House Renovation Project Managements Service. With more than ten years of experience offering these services, I have been able to specialize in what are the main needs and concerns of many of my clients coming from other countries. I am very glad to say at this stage, that they have finally been more than satisfied, with all those improvements that they were asking for, by creating all together a modern designer life experience.

Valencia Surveyor Studio, offers a wide range of samples of modern House renovations, some of them shown below. We can offer you the multiple choices, regarding the different materials, layouts, and different budgets.  We basically listen to our clients, providing them with different proposals, according their needs and pockets.

Do you have to contract my services as a House Renovation Manager after you hire my services as a Survey Reporter?

No. They are two completely different services from each other.

My Survey Report services, are totally independent, and they do not necessarily have to be linked to the House Renovation ones.


I hope you enjoy having a look at some of our projects below, as much as we did by creating them. 

House Renovation in Valencia at Monteolivete neighborhood - David Esteve
Cabañal House Renovation, Valencia Surveyor, David Esteve

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