Beach Apartment Renovation at El Perelló Valencia

House Renovation and Architect Project Management

Before any purchase, it is worth to know in advance, the condition of your future Home.

We are not intermediaries, when you contact Valencia Surveyor Studio, you are contacting directly with the support of Technical Experts in the construction and Project Management fields.


We are a Technical Architect and Building Engineer Studio with more than 20 years of experience in the Construction and Project Management field. Technical Architects and Building Engineers, can perfectly act as a role of Building, Property and Structural Surveyors, Project Managers, Financially Management Constructions, Quality Control, Appraisals Surveyors, Health and Safety Coordination, and Technical Inspections, materials manufacturing, sustainability and energy efficiency assessment, Building Rehabilitation, adaptation of commercial premises, etc…

Due to our experience, the Studio can also assist you in the different phases of a Project Management and Interior Design such as:

  1. Design process and detailed plan drawings: Preparing detailed drawings and finalize the design plans, showing actual sizes and shapes for rooms and different spaces. Construction specifications will be outlined, listing the major materials to be used. When you approve the design drawings, our Studio will work with you to find contractors to give you cost estimates.
  2. House Renovation Project Management
  3. House renovation Council License Control 
  4. Construction documents: One of the most important elements of Our Studio’s services is construction documents. Pur Studio will develop detailed drawings and material specifications. The contractor will use both to estimate construction costs and to build the project.
  5. Budgeting and cost analysis.
  6. Hiring a contractor: You have several options when it comes to hiring a contractor, including asking Our Studio to make recommendations or choose a contractor on your own. Our Studio can assist you in selecting contractors by reviewing bids and estimates based on the construction documents.
  7. Building Renovation process control: Scheduling and controlling the different phases of the construction project from design to completion, keeping you informed during all the process of whatever new situation is coming up and giving you the best solution for each scenario.
  8. Licenses and Project monitoring for commercial activities


On the other hand you can also decide to have a private Inspection, for your own safety, by ordering a Property & Building Survey Report, of your future Home, which evaluates the different pathologies, and different construction problems found in your future house, before the purchase is done.

Here in Spain, in almost 100% of the cases and for Government Entities, Notaries, Lawyers, Official Institutes, Insurance Companies, Land Registry, Title Deeds…etc, your house will be requested with Official Technical Survey Reports, Technical Inspections, Official Energy Efficiency Certificates or some other kind of Survey Reports related with your house purchase.

The law in Spain is very simple & clear: Only Technicians qualified in our Country and members of the Official Technical Colleges, will be able to solve those Official or Government Survey needs, that the City Council or other Main Organizations are requiring from your future home.

You will be able to find more information about our Services in our web site, and as a resume this is a summary of our main tasks focused on making you an easier and safer investment in Spain, before and after your Home Purchase.

  1. Technical inspections related with the Architecture field: A technical inspection is used to verify compliance with technical specifications. The inspection can be carried out visually or specific instrumentation may be necessary to determine if the structure or part of the house / building complies with the corresponding technical specifications according to the architectural standards of Spanish legislation.
  2. Property/Building Survey Reports.
  3. Homebuyers Surveys (also known as a pre-purchase Surveys).
  4. Verbal Survey Reports (Online reports): This Surveys are not accompanied by a written part. This is a visual inspection accompanied with the future buyer and discussing together the different building/house issues during the inspection. This kind of Surveys can also be done with an online conversation. This Survey Report is relatively cheaper than the first one, as the written part is missing.
  5. Rustic Land Inspections: If you are buying land or a property in the country, such as a farmhouse or similar, it is essential to find out if it is placed in an area where urbanization is allowed (in this case it is called a “finca urbana”, or “suelo urbano” ) or where urbanization and residential developments are not allowed (“finca rústica” or “suelo rústico”). In both cases there are exceptions that we beet know before any purchase.
  6. Commercial Properties Inspections.

The Apartment

Perellonet Beach (El Saler), 20 minutes far from Valencia city, seafront. This small and amazing apartment is about 60 sqm facing the sea. The style of this House Renovation is very simple. It contains light materials, creating a holiday atmosphere, fresh & simple.Secondly the apartment comprises a standard entrance, with a short hallway and a big kitchen in one side, also a big double bedroom and guest bedroom connected with hallway.

To conclude the hallway runs until the lounge, and seafront, where great views are waiting.Furthermore a big bathroom with smooth surfaces was designed, in order to give a wide space feeling. Natural and light materials were used such a light colored cements, finally giving a touch of simplicity at the unit.

Last of all, the House Renovation keeps the entire apartment with a good soundproof and thermal insulation, as its particular location.

Renovation Project Endorsed by the Building Engineers Association (CAATV).

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve

Beach apartment renovation at El Perelló, Valencia | David Esteve


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