Turia st. House Renovation

Survey Report & Architect - Project Management

Charm property. The Project faces the Valencia Botanical Park (one of the largest in Europe). First of all it is a 40’s building with original structure. This structure is respected, in order to preserve its identity and personality, such a: Wood beams, old mosaic floors, old wood doors, and exposed ceilings.

There is a new balcony at the back of the apartment. Particularly was created on the back façade. This gets a spectacular views of the Historical Botanical Garden of Valencia. The old mosaic floors are fully restored, with a special diamond coating, in order to get an incredible brightness.

Exposed bricks walls are discovered, while the original woods doors are also restored. Furthermore a big black tiled bathroom stays in the centre of the apartment.

The space, gives wide open spaces, connecting the kitchen with the dining room, and also the balcony, overlooking the garden. Along with the pleasant mosaic of the floor, all the apartment throughout.

Finally, a good acoustic and thermal insulation is done on the walls, in order to insulate and improve living conditions.


Renovation Project Guaranteed by the Building Engineers Association (CAATV).

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